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Top 10 Background Check Mistakes

A hiring mistake can cost 50% to 150% of the position’s annual compensation, and could take many months to correct. In severe cases, the damage could be permanent.

1. Failure to validate education history. 20% of applicants falsify their education history.
2. Conducting social media checks inconsistently or at the wrong point in the hiring process may expose your organization to charges of discrimination or unfair practices
3. Using information that is not legal or appropriate for employment decisions. Juvenile records, older records, and in some cases, credit reports, are examples.
4. Adverse Action notification failures. Simple process and communication mistakes can lead to complex legal issues.
5. Inappropriate use of credit reports when denying employment. Many states are restricting the use of credit reports for employment decisions
6. .Assuming the industry or government required background check protocol provides adequate protection for your organization.
7. Blanket policies or practices in your background screening process. EEOC considers blanket policies and practices discriminatory.
8. Conducting background checks with internal resources. Potential problems include inconsistency, confidentiality, misunderstanding of state employment laws, and inadequate access to many types of records.
9. Conducting an inadequate criminal record check that overlooks key areas where important records may be stored
10. Failing to validate employment history and prior job performance. 40% of applicants falsify work history.


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